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Our website is waking up for 2017!!

Each year around this time our web-site reawakens with information and forms for the next summer camp. We were so lucky with the last camp (2016). The weather was just incredible and the helper team and children were all in such a good space throughout. I really felt that we were creating a genuine, creative, ‘extended family’ experience for everyone. I can still feel it now all these months later and know just how much these camps energise, enthuse and inspire me year after year. Yes there is always that obligatory trepidation before each camp as well – nothing in life is guaranteed – but somehow these camps keep doing it for me, the children and all the helpers who simply keep returning year after year. They are all young students who offer 2 weeks of their precious holidays and dedicate themselves to the children entirely voluntarily each year. Indeed none of us is paid and the modest surplus after each camp is used exclusively to replace and upgrade equipment and to sponsor participants for our annual Youth Camp (Stroud Youth Initiative) held during Easter each year. This camp in 2017 will be my 17th camp!! Aaron

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