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Welcome to our children’s summer camp web-site. 

For children aged 7 – 14 yrs from all schools, backgrounds and countries!

We are not doing a youth group this year so those 15yrs and older would have to contact us about the possibility of coming as a helper instead. 

Next camp is from the 21st – 31st July – and we have a new venue!!

We are delighted to at last have found a wonderful new venue for our annual Children’s Summer Camp. Colin Godman’s Farm (see the location map under the camp 2018 tab in the menu bar) just outside Forest Row in Sussex is a large biodynamic farm with cattle and sheep which is rented and run by Jayne and Michael Duveen who have very generously offered to host us after having seen our request in the Star and Furrow magazine. We are grateful too that the farm owners, Paul and Isabelle Manweiler are equally supportive of this initiative. We did have generous offers from many other places but none of them quite ticked the boxes we felt we needed. Colin Godman’s has absolutely everything we dreamed of – 3 lakes for safe swimming, streams, forest, hiking, large barn and outbuildings, and the very generous offer to store our camp kit on the farm. The farm is also near to Haywards Heath train station (20min) and Gatwick airport (30min) which will be a great help for fetching children and helpers coming from afar. 

10th Jan 2018 – We have just returned from visiting the farm and dropping off a load of things, and were so pleased with what we saw. Jayne, Michael, Paul and Isabelle are super-friendly, really supportive and more than willing to accommodate our needs for the camp. They are really keen to support such social initiatives. The views are incredible and the lakes and forest are better than we’ve ever had. There are also other biodynamic farms in the area where we can source good quality veggies, fruit, dairy products, meat and more. 

FEES – The camp fee is 1st child – £330; 2nd child – £220; 3rd child – £110. If the fee is too high for you please ask us about the possibility for a reduction. We will never turn your child away because you can’t afford it. There is also the option on the form to pay a little extra to support those who cannot afford the full fee. Many parents do this each year and it is always an enormous help. Thank you so much.

Camp Leaders…

Our camp leaders this year 2018 are Aaron Mirkin, Dominic Corbett, Iona Charter and Hagar Geula.  Iona, Hagar and Dom have been camp helpers for many years and bring an amazing creative energy and love to everything they do. This will be Dominic’s 4th year as camp leader and Hagar’s 2nd year. Iona now also joins the team after 7 years as camp helper. It will be our/Aaron’s 9th camp run from Stroud and 18th camp since Aaron’s first one in Germany 1997. (Apologies Iona for the detached pic… =))

Hagar, Dominic & Aaron

Iona Charter

The basic principle of our camps is really that of creating experiences for the children where they can most wholly and truly be themselves. Every child is precious and has something important to bring to the world, regardless of their apparent challenges.

About Us

The camps are organized and run by Aaron Mirkin, Dominic Corbett and Hagar Geula from Stroud, Glos. Aaron is a priest at The Christian Community in Stroud, Dominic lives and works in Edinburgh in various art, music and social projects and Hagar is a Kindergarten teacher in Stroud. Aaron has led many children’s and youth camps in South Africa and England since 2001. Both Hagar and Dominic were part of the original helper team in 2010 when they were still in Class 10! It’s wonderful to see young experienced helpers rising to the leadership of our camps.

Camp Activities

Projects have included mosaics, kite-making, leatherwork, candles, steam-cars, beadwork and a sweat-lodge among others. There is no limit to the creative possibilities. Every year we are amazed at the capacity of our helpers and children to come up with new creative ideas in all that they do – and with such community spirit!


Check the photos from all our camps from 2010 – 2017. Hover over the Galleries tab in the menu bar and go down to the year you wish to see. See how we eat, play, work, swim, dance, create, hike, perform, sew, dye, puppeteer, laugh – you name it!


  1. Camille NawrockiNovember 5, 2017 at 1:11 pmReply

    I volunteered at the CCC in Maine this past summer. While there I met a student volunteer who had been to CCC in S. Africa and raved about it. I also met another Mom who was going to look into it. I am having trouble finding it on the net. I understood it was near a game reserve. Do you have the contact for this camp? Can you recommend it? I see that you have also been there in the past. Thanks for your help and guidance.

    • Aaron MirkinJanuary 19, 2018 at 6:58 pmReplyAuthor

      Hi Camille, I now live in Stroud, England and run the children’s camps here. You are of course welcome to join us as a helper in England but if you want to get involved in the children’s camps in South Africa you could contact them on Best wishes, Aaron

    • Aaron MirkinJanuary 19, 2018 at 6:59 pmReplyAuthor

      Oops – I didn’t fully answer your questions – the venue in Johannesburg has changed since I left there in 2008 so unfortunately I cannot tell you how it is now.

  2. Rachek NightingaleMay 9, 2017 at 9:17 amReply

    Do you have a special fee for military kids

    • Aaron MirkinOctober 4, 2017 at 1:36 pmReplyAuthor

      Hi. So sorry. I only saw your message now – a few months too late. We do offer special fees for anyone who cannot afford the full fee – regardless of their background or circumstances. In such cases we simply ask you to say what you genuinely could afford, and that would be your fee. Our camp for 2018 will be from the 21st – 31st July. Kind regards, Aaron

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